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                                                                                                                                                                                                    WALKER GUIDELINES 


        PRIOR TO THE WALK                              


   Ensure that you are fit enough for the degree of difficulty of the walk. If in doubt, discuss with the walks leader prior to the walk.   


         It is important that you notify the contact person of your intention to attend at least two days before the   activity.


         Arrive at the meeting place at least 15 minutes before the advised meeting  time (to complete paperwork).


         Carry a minimum of one litre or two litres of water or more in hotter conditions.


         Carry sufficient food for the day’s activity.


         Wear appropriate clothing particularly comfortable shoes which provide support to your feet and have effective tread on the soles.


         Wet weather gear is wise on a short walk and essential on an extended walk. Hat, sunblock and a first aid kit, are also necessary.   (See the section below on ‘Personal Equipment’)


         Ensure that you complete the sign-on sheet after reading the Risk Waiver statement and any risk warnings.


         Leave advice at your home base of the intended walk area and expected time of return.


         Remember to bring your sense of humour and adventure. Club leaders are all volunteers so please be patient and kind.


         Advise the walks leader if you have a medical condition that is likely to affect your walking. If you carry medication carry adequate supplies.  


        Follow the leader’s instructions. Remember your leader has your welfare at heart. Be courteous, co-operative and helpful to other walkers in the group.

        Generally you should not leave the walk early unless pre-arranged. If it is necessary, you must advise the leader and if requested, sign off on the activity form. You must accept a leader’s decision to send someone with you to accompany you out.

        Do not allow yourself to become separated from the group. If experiencing any difficulties such as pace, blisters or shortage of water, advise the leader immediately. Participants should maintain a line of sight with people in front and behind.

        Car pooling is recommended. Contribute to car costs if you are a passenger in a vehicle.


        Do not leave the track or fall behind the person appointed ‘tail’ for any reason without advising the ‘tail person’.



                                                                Make sure that the leader is aware that you have returned safely.



                                                                                                         Remember to thank the leader.




   .       FOOTWEAR. 

       This is the most important part of your equipment. 

            Footwear needs to be comfortable, closed (shoes or boots) and have effective tread. 

  2.        CLOTHING. 

          Should be loose and comfortable and preferably constructed from a strong fabric.

          Long sleeves and long trousers are recommended for sun protection and walking through thick scrub.

          A wide brimmed hat is essential for sun protection.  


         Light plastic raincoats or poncho and umbrella are common items found in a walker’s backpack. 

4.      BACKPACK.  

         A backpack is required to carry your gear as it leaves your hands free.  


       *  A minimum of one litre or two litres or more  of water in hotter conditions

       *  Sufficient food for your needs

       *  If you carry medication, ensure you carry adequate supplies.

       *  Advise the walk's leader if your medical condition is likely to affect your walking.

       *  First Aid Kit. The kit should include adhesive strips or elastoplast  for blisters.

      *  A triangular bandage, safety pins, antiseptic lotion and paracetamol are also useful additions.  



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